Shuvodeep's Special Thanks !!!

We embark on this journey called life to learn and grow to become the individuals that we are today. Along the way we meet people who change our lives completely. They believe in us, they see what no one else can, they help to nurture our talents, they help us to grow as human beings, they teach us how to believe and trust in ourselves during trying times and they give us the confidence to strive for excellence. They sculpt our lives with love, care and protection. Their resilience becomes our strength as we fulfil our destiny. Shuvodeep Mukherjee would like to thank all these special people in his life. Every day, Shuvodeep feels grateful and blessed for the presence of his parents in his life. Their love for music, dedication and support helped to sow the seeds of passion and devotion for singing and music in his life. Their simple upbringing with high values and morals has made Shuvodeep the eminent personality.

Teachers and Gurus are our educators who with patience and a sense of duty give us the gift of knowledge. Shuvodeep is indebted to all his gurus beginning with his mother for recognizing and nurturing his talent from the early age of six. Through their experience, knowledge and fortitude they gave Shuvodeep the precious gift of direction and purpose. They helped his flourish and grow into a versatile and accomplished singer.

Shuvodeep feels very fortunate to be mentored by some of the music industry’s most established music directors, iconic classical singer. Under their vigilant guidance and support He took his first steps as a playback singer for the Indian film industry. Their continued belief, support and blessings give his the confidence to reach for excellence in whatever He pursues. Inspiration brings out the best in us. Legendary singers and their invaluable work have inspired and motivated his from childhood and will continue to motivate his to do the best He can. Their silent presence and their extraordinary lives touch his soul and influence his singing and his life as He continues to follow his dreams as a playback artist and singer. Shuvodeep enjoys the appreciation, love and encouragement of his fans.

Their support is what keeps his motivated to try out different styles of singing and various genres of music. He greatly appreciates their presence in his life and promises to never let them down in the future and to always bring them happiness and pride through his gift of music and song. Shuvodeep would like to thank each and every person who has been instrumental in his success no matter how big or small their role is. He is always grateful to God for giving him the wonderful people in his life who has made every day more beautiful and meaningful. He thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart for thier continued love and affection!

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